Our Work

Urban Spirit Foundation is dedicated to securing the long term prosperity, self-sufficiency and sustainability of the Aboriginal community in Metro Vancouver. We believe that investing in our urban Aboriginal people is one of the most powerful ways to create a thriving community.

Our goals are to narrow the education gap between urban Aboriginal people and to build more and better employment opportunities for our community.

We believe that our three most important actions are:
1. Develop and deliver job and career enhancement programs and services that provide education and training for urban Aboriginal people.

2. Provide secondary and post-secondary scholarships based on need and ability, to persons of Aboriginal descent who are pursuing post-secondary studies in fields that will help meet the specific needs of First Nations, Inuit, or M├ętis peoples and communities.

3. Provide grants to urban Aboriginal organizations for community-based projects and programs that provide short-term assistance to urban Aboriginal individuals and families to enable them to get back on track in times of need.

Our mission furthers and expands on the history and accomplishments of ACCESS in establishing programs like BladeRunners - creative and effective trades and employment training programs for urban Aboriginal people. We continue to support these activities in partnership with ACCESS.

Our Scholarship program gives important financial assistance and perhaps more importantly recognition of the tremendous effort and ability of our urban Aboriginal people.

Our grant making for  scholarships, employment and career education and short-term assistance provides resources to the community  from our endowment funds which we are actively building for the long term.