Our Donors

In the short time since we were formed many people have made contributions of many kinds. Our support comes from individuals, private and public foundations, and business leaders from our local community and from across the country.

Our donors have contributed as they have been able. For some this has meant a few tens of dollars and for others it has meant contributions well in excess of one hundred thousand dollars. We are most grateful for each contribution from our friends and from those who believe in our vision and work. With each gift we feel a growing strength knowing that we are not only on the right path, but we are on a path that others choose to share with us.

Individual Donors

Jerry Adams
Stewart Anderson
Karen Anderson
Greg Anstruther
Blair Bellerose
Helen Boyce
Richard Bridge
Wendy Cheney
Norma Claggett
Elaine Clare
John Clarkson
Emma Curtis
Dr. Brian Davies
Ronan and Jennifer Dean
David Driscoll
Francesca de Bastiani
Pietro de Bastiani
Driscoll Family Fund
Rob Egan
Barb Ellis
Tom Galway
Tabitha Geraghty
Don Harquail
Virginia Hama
Don Hargquail

E.B. Horsman & Son
Ash Jones
Brenda Kiss
Jerry Kitson
Hal & Lucie Lacaille
Laura Langs
Anita Lee
Elaine Lee
Yin Ping Lee
Joe and Erin Mazza
Christine McNulty
Susan Mussell
Dolores and Harold Nickerson
Peter Nolan
Alison Olney
Cyndi P.
Stephanie Phillips
Paula Pratt
Agnes Pytko
Ross Ramsey
Catherine Rickey
Ross Ramsey
Jan Saddy
Andraya Samborski
Lia Sands

Nancy and Eric Schibler
Kelly Scarrow
Leonard Schein
Brenda Shergill
Paulette Seymour
Laverne & Greg Snow
Renee Tallio
Violet Tallio
Frank Tanaka
Susan Tatoosh
Merv Thomas
Mark Tillyer
Hristina Tsvetkova
Rick Turner
John Webster
Larry Webster
David Wells
Marjorie White
Mark White
Jason Wong
Sandy Wong
Edd Wray
Johnathan Younie




Corporate Donors

Airex Systems
Apotex Inc
Canadian Pacific Railway
Chaoshan Business Association
Circle of Eagles Lodge Society
Concord Pacific
Development Society
IA Financial Group
Eagle Bay Financial
E.B. Horsman & Son
Electrical Joint Training Committee
First Nation’s Health Authority
Fortis BC

Houle Electric
Neptune Bulk Terminals
Okanagan Training
Ooknakane Friendship Centre
Pacific Northern Gas
Pfizer Canada
Pro Safe Training
Roadburg Foundation
Royal Bank of Canada
Safeway Canada
S.C. Johnson

Shoppers Drug Mart
Silverstrand Productions Ltd
Staples Canada
TD Bank
The Hamber Foundation
Tim Horton's
Warm Hearts Charitable Foundation
Winstanley Business Advisors LTD.
Whole Foods
Wilcott & Company


Foundation Donors

Diocese of New Westminster - Anglican Church of Canada

Emmett & Leo Fund - Toronto Community Foundation

Friends of Ferrari
Intact Foundation

Kenny Foundation

New Westminster Community Development Society

Schein Foundation

Vancouver Foundation - Tula Community Fund

Vancouver Foundation - ACCESS Memorial Fund for Pinky Ryan

Friends from Point Grey Golf Course re: John Webster Scholarship fund